5 Cold-Weather Running Tips for Beginners

After an extremely hot summer, the cooler temperatures are usually a welcoming relief to many people although some people view it as the best time to stay indoors and watch the latest movies and television series as well as playing video games.

Besides, freezing temperatures could tempt you to trade your outdoor running for a jog along the neighborhood. Well, it could be a bit brisk out but what many people fail to understand is that running in the cold is fun and comfortable and if wondering how here are cold weather running tips for beginners.

1. Dress in thin wicking layers

When preparing to run in the cold, it’s recommendable to dress accordingly. Avoid cotton as it will only hold sweat making you wet. Instead, wear clothing with a layer of synthetic materials like polypropylene which will help in wicking sweat from your body.


Having an outer layer of breathable Gore-Tex is an even greater idea as it will protect you against precipitation and wind and at the same time emit moisture and heat that prevents you from chilling and overheating.

2. Protect your extremities

When preparing for winter running, many people focus so much on the right jacket and shoes to wear only to forget about their heads. According to experts, human beings lose as much as 40% of their body weight through their head. So why shouldn’t you protect your head?

Wear a wool or fleece hat that will keep you warm during your runs and given that heat is also lost through your hands, be prepared for this and mittens or moisture-wicking gloves.

3. Avoid overdressing

It’s very common for people to overdress during cold weather, but this should not be the case when preparing for winter runs. When starting to run, you’re likely to feel chilly but after running for a few minutes you’ll start warming up. If you feel warm before starting your run, it’s likely that you’ll start sweating a few minutes after.


Therefore, always know what to wear but don’t overdo it just because it’s cold outside. As a rule of thumb, assume its twenty degrees warmer outside and dress up for it. Alternatively, wear some jackets and warm up in your house, then as soon as your body starts to heat up, take off the jacket and go for your run.

4. Watch your steps

Cold weather running is not a favorite thing to many people as they are scared they might slip and injure themselves. Well, when preparing for cold weather running for the very first time, it’s recommendable to watch where you’re stepping.

There might be no snow or ice on the ground but running in well-lit areas is good for your body. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

5. Stay hydrated

It goes without saying that many people don’t drink water during cold seasons. Well, whether you’re spending your day on the couch watching movies or doing some outdoor activities, medical experts recommend drinking a lot of water to stay hydrated. If preparing to run, drinking water should be on your fingertips.


This is because when running, your body will heat up and you’ll end up losing fluids through sweat. Cold air has also been associated with a drying effect that usually increases the risk of hydration. Therefore, ensure you drink an energy drink or water before, during and after your runs.

Bottom line

Every season of the year comes with its advantages and disadvantages. During cold weathers, many people prefer sitting on the couch sipping their favorite hot drinks but that can be detrimental to your health. It’s important to run during such weathers and if planning to run for the very first time, this article will help you get started.