Store-Bought Appetizers That Are Worth Your Money

Sometimes you might not get time to make spread appetizers for your party. That is the point you need to head to your local store and purchase some small bites that your visitors will love. Luckily, there are plenty of store-bought appetizer options that will save you time and still give your visitors that sensational taste.

No worries if you cannot find what you want in stores. Discussed below are some store-bought appetizers that are worth your money.

1. Mini Quiches

Everything is adorable when it comes in miniature, and this is certainly true for food. Making tons of appetizers can be a daunting and time consuming process, however, most markets have graceful appetizers like the mini quiches.

pecan-brieSavories like cheese and ham will satisfy any visitor, and serving those bolstering flavors in an exclusively sized package will make enjoying them all the easier.

2. Spinach Pies

Also known as spanakopita, are Greek classic. Spinach pies are easy to find in almost every grocers’ freezer section. By simply heating up the oven, the pies will take less time than wrapping and rolling up all the delicate layers of phyllo dough and without a doubt, your guest will be impressed.

3. Lemon Chicken Triangle

Using traditional and finest ingredients such as fresh dairy, olive oil, and high quality wine along with delicious vegetarian selections, lemon and vine offers the best frozen appetizer and entries that bring savory onto your table. If you are looking for the best sought out Greek appetizer, then think about the lemon and vine.


With different products on the shelves, it is upon you to decide on what you feel your visitors will enjoy most. Additionally, you can opt for Vegetable pistachio, eggplant artic joke triangles.

4. Nut Mixes

Whether you are just hosting a cheese or classy wine night, a fruit and nut mix is always a hit appetizer. It pairs well with whatever kind of drinks you have on hand.

If you are opening up your house for a casual bash, serve a savory, spicy mix with some cold crisp beer. Any supermarket will have the nut mixes, thus you can find an option for every party.

5. Olives

Olives are just another go-to cocktail and snack garnish for parties of all types. If you are looking at serving multiple parties or prefer olives that have been stored in a flavorful marinade or stuffed in pimientos, cheese, or other goodies-store-bought in is the way.

Stuffing and pitting your own olives can take several hours. Besides, marinating a jar takes planning, however, picking the olives from your local market can only take few minutes and will not cost you much than doing it by yourself.

6. Marinated Vegetables

Just like pickles and other types of preserved foodstuffs, dowsed vegetables must be prepared in advance. However, buying them at your local shoo is the easy shortcut.

Cheesecake Factory Factory Nachos


Unlike chutneys, pickles, relishes, and marinated vegetable are filled with flavor and they can pair well with everything from fragrant cheeses to your favorite crackers or breads. Besides, you can serve them straight from the jar or platter piled high with a variety of veggies or eve chop them up and use them as a topper for crostini.

7. Crab Dumplings

Crab dumplings are another appetizer that taste great and look great. However, it takes a lot of time and effort to put dumplings together. If you are not up for pinching together tons of tiny dumplings, buying premade dumplings is an easy alternative. Crab dumplings filings are delicious and luxurious treat.