Garden-Inspired Cuisine

Deriving our menu from the seasonal offerings in and around Napa Valley, the Lucy Restaurant & Bar offers fresh, innovative, garden-inspired cuisine, artisanal cocktails, and of course, wine. Our culinary philosophy blends modern aesthetic with eco-spirit. At Lucy, everything is truly “field-to-fork” fare — breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Fresh, innovative, garden-inspired cuisine

Lucy’s Garden

Lucy’s Garden is located onsite at Bardessono, only steps from the restaurant kitchen. It’s where all of our cuisine begins, from our farm fresh salads to our garden–inspired cocktails. Every day our chefs go into Lucy’s Garden to find inspiration for the day’s menus, which changes with the season.

Garden meal

Executive Chef Nate Lindsay

A seasoned talent with extensive experience in the culinary arena, Lindsay has a reputation for meticulous preparation and presentation. He takes current, conscious cooking to a new level with his locavore ideology that reflects the growing trend towards a healthier lifestyle.