Here Is What to Eat With Red Wine

Red wine has long been known as a healthy choice. It tastes good, it’s a well-known traditional meal, and it can even have various medical benefits. However, many people don’t know what to drink with red wine. Most red wines aren’t necessarily all-purpose healthy food, but they’re still worth having around for the purposes of having a good meal or a glass of wine after dinner.

Red wine and appetizers

Many sweet red wine glasses are often used at fancy meals. These are usually served with appetizers and light appetizer dishes because they’re not meant to be full meal solutions, but rather a light drink. So, freely combine red wine with snacks and appetizers. This is fine, but if you want to eat heavier foods at a heavier level, the sweet red wine may not be enough.

red wine and cheese platter

Cabernet Sauvignon and meat

Darker red wines like a Cabernet Sauvignon are best when paired with hearty dishes that are heavy on the meat like steak or other heavy meats. Cabernet Sauvignons have high levels of antioxidants. This is what accounts for their ability to help slow down the aging process of foods in the same way that the famed Provence cheese does. Provence is one of the most famous cheeses in the world and is used in everything from chocolate to bread to wine to desserts.

Dessert wine with sweets

If you want to pair a sweet red wine with a dessert wine with a lot of sugar, then go for a dessert wine like a Pinot noir. Pinot noir has almost twice as many antioxidants as Cabernet Sauvignon. In addition, Pinot noir has lower calories than most sparkling wines, thanks to its high amount of polyphenols.

One last dish that is really great to eat with a dry red wine is dessert. It is really easy to make dessert with red wine. All you need is to take a dessert base such as almond or coconut cake and add some fresh strawberries, some vanilla ice cream, and your finished dessert is done! You may also want to try a dessert-like peach cobbler, which also uses some of the same ingredients.

wine and food

Pinot noir with chicken and fish

If you are having an elegant dinner party, then a sweet red wine like a Pinot Noir would be more appropriate. Pinot noir is what is called a versatile wine. That means that it can be drunk with a wide variety of foods, although it pairs well with chicken and fish. One of the reasons why many people like to drink Pinot noir is because it tastes delicious even when it is not diluted. In fact, if you have ever had a glass of Pinot noir with beef then you know that it can be almost tasted as if it was the beef itself.

…or vegetables

Another dish that can be served with a red wine like Pinot noir would be one that is made out of sweet potatoes. There are hundreds of different sweet potatoes available, and any good cook will be able to find at least a few of them that are perfect for making a dessert. Sweaty sweet potatoes mixed with a bit of butter and some low-fa milk make for an excellent dessert. There are dozens of different recipes that use this combination of ingredients. When you cook with red wine, remember that it is always better to use lower-calorie sweeteners such as agave nectar.