3 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Teeth

Your mouth is the window to the health of your body. This means that many systemic diseases first become apparent via oral problems. It’s for this reason that knowing a little more about your oral health and ways in which your behavior impacts your teeth can help empower you to live a healthy life.

Below are three interesting facts you may not know about your teeth:

1. Your Mouth Is a Reservoir of Bacteria

Plaque harbors millions of bacteria that comprises 200-300 different species. The major culprit for frail tooth health is Streptococcus mutans that convert sugar and carbohydrates into acids, which eat away your teeth. MGA Dental recommends that you avoid sugary foods and follow your brushing and flossing routine religiously for stronger and healthy teeth!

 2. Your Teeth Are Unique

Just as DNA is unique to every human being, your teeth are also matchless to those of anyone else in the world. This is one dental fact that is rarely known to people, and the reason why, in some cases, human remains are identified using their dental records. Yes! Even identical twins do not have matching teeth.

Bonus fact: You also have a unique “tongue print.”

3. Your Enamel Is the Hardest Part Of Your Body

Most people believe that bones are the hardest material in the body. Well, your tooth enamel is the hardest’ it’s like a hard shell whose main function is to protect the entire tooth. Enamel is the outermost layer of your tooth made of phosphate and calcium, just like your bones. What makes it stronger, however, is the unique crystallites and proteins that form it.