What Type Of Food Do They Eat In Serbia

Serbia is famous for its great food and how they take their males while seated. They also take a lot of pride in preparing their food. A Serbian kitchen can’t be complete without top Serbian dishes with aromas spreading from it. The following are the best Serbian traditional you should try.


This is Typical balkan food. They use may recipes, but the result is the same. It’s grill minced meat served with flatbread and best with Kajmak and chopped onions on one side. You can find the dish in almost every restaurant in Belgrade because they are the most popular.


Serbian Dish

This is one of the favorites and best dish among every Serb. Women who can cook Sarma are considered wife material in Serbia. Sarma is prepared with minced meat, rice, and pickled cabbage. More flavors can be added with vine leaves or by making Sarma with minced fish meat.


It’s a controversial dish in Serbia. Why? Because there is a dilemma whether a true Burek should have meat or cheese. When touring Serbia, visit Burekdžinica, the number one hotel for a quick bite of freshly baked Burek.


This a dish made from beans. It’s a favorite Serbian dish during winter. It can be served bare, with grilles sausages or bacon. Though you may end up with gasses later, you will love every bit of Prebranac.

Paska Bread


It’s made with egg bread and butter mainly for Easter or Christmas. The bread is v.ery delicious with so many recipes to achieve a perfect meal. For Easter purposes, the bread is braided either in round shape or ring shape with a small braid on top.


This is a small dough ball that is soaked in hot water and mixed with ground poppy seeds and honey. Bobalkya is a lovely dessert that you should try when on a Serbian vacation.