Importance Of Espresso Tampers

Tampers usually are used to pack the grounds in the basket evenly. While some people may ignore it, this is an item that all people who brew coffee on their own should have. This is because, without it, you won’t be able to pack the espresso grounds in the basket evenly.

Below are some of the reasons why you should get a coffee tamper for espresso. If you have not bought it yet, then it is the high tone you consider getting this item and make your brewing experience an interesting one.

Making Coffee

Tamping has typically a quite specific function, and this is why most baristas usually make sure that there tamps are in the best condition or rather perfect. Apart from proper grinding as well as timing, another way to pull out a quality shot of espresso is through proper tamping.

With proper tamping, it will be difficult for water to rush through the coffee grounds. This, therefore, means that water will be able to interact with the grounds long enough to bring out a full flavor of an espresso shot.

In addition to that, tamping also helps in comparing the ground together; this, therefore, helps in preventing the coffee grounds from swelling when water is added to it. This is mainly because there will little room left; hence, it won’t find space to swell.


For you to pull several and best espresso shots, it is good that you find the best Tampers; without this, then the opposite will be true. That is why you have to do enough research and find out what you want to for your espresso to be the best one. Don’t use price to make your decision; this may go against you at some point, so ways remember that quality and the need is the key.