6 of the Best Booze and Snacks Combos

Don’t you just love food? Enjoying munching and drinking in a pleasant company is one of the most fulfilling things in the world. Sharing delicious tastes with the people you love during pleasant chatter, watching a movie or celebrating – happy occasions are always marked with good food and beverages and there’s a reason for that. So, have you ever thought about what may be the best combination of food and drinks? We tried to come up with a list of six best combos when it comes to the subject, so here goes.

Champagne and oysters

If you’re looking for a classier combo, the great salty flavor of oysters is nicely matched with a light and sweet champagne. This combination gives you unique pleasure from the perfect balance of salty and sweet and once you get to know it, you’re guaranteed to have it more than once.

Wine and cheese

The classic combination of wine and cheese is something you can never go wrong with. Now, we do know that people always choose their side between red and white wine and that it’s quite hard to transition to the other side, even temporarily. So, if you’re a fan of red wine, you won’t like the fact that cheese is best paired with white wine, actually. The reason for this is the much stronger taste of red wine which tends to dominate the combination to the point of losing the significance of the cheese you’re eating. This is why you need to pair red wine with very strong cheese or stick with the white wine combo.


Beer and fast food

There’s nothing more satisfying than eating a burger and sharing beers with your crew somewhere in a pub or even in the street. It’s an event that screams youth and fun regardless of age and every time we do it, we reminisce about the times when we used to do it on a regular basis. Heavy and quite fat fast food such as burgers, pizza or similar unhealthy delights go amazingly with cold beer that refreshes you instantly. It’s a combination from heaven and regardless of how unclassy it is, it may even bring the strongest emotions of joy and happiness. 

Wine and spicy food

If you’re a fan of spicy food, but you also like to have an occasional drink, it may pleasantly surprise you that wine actually does go well with spicy food. However, since the taste of the food is quite strong and hot, it’s best if you bought some low alcohol wines or even sweet ones, as well. People from the Land Down Under are quite lucky as they can buy wine online in Australia whenever they like. Given the popularity and variety of wineries in the country, it is no wonder. However, when it comes to choosing the wine to pair with your spicy food, perhaps a sweet Riesling works its magic best.

Cocktails and finger food

Otherwise known as the party mix, this combo is best for various celebrations with many people taking part in it. Generally, cocktails make people happy, especially when they don’t have to make them or pay for them as both options are quite tedious. This is why everyone is instantly in a good mood when they hear there will be cocktails at a party and the best food to match here is any kind of finger food, obviously. 


Red wine, red meat

If you thought that a white wine dominance among cheeses is unjust, let us introduce the combo of red wine and red meat. Beef and lamb simply crave red wine, whether as an ingredient in cooking or a toast during the actual meal. The strong and bold taste of red wine matches the meat perfectly and it’s almost a classic combo.

All in all, there are many different types of people and their preferences, but we sincerely hope you’ll be able to find yourself in at least one of the listed combinations. If not, do not despair, but discover your own perfect combo and tell the world about it. Maybe your food blogger career is about to start.