5 Catering Tips to Make Your Event Menu Stand Out

If you want the event you are planning to go smoothly, and leave a strong impression on your guests, the choice of food is pretty important. Even if it is pretty basic foods, there are always ways you can make it more delicious and appetizing, and here is how.

Know your guests 

The most important thing when creating a menu is to know your guests, what they like or dislike, and whether you can or cannot experiment with the food. If you are not sure how to do it, you can find great catering companies in Sydney or any other place in the world, and let them do the job they do best. If the guests are a bit older, they may enjoy milder food, and less experimenting with tastes and spiciness. However, for the younger crowd, you can mix and match, and treat them to a real symphony of tastes. Be sure to create options for your vegetarian or vegan guests as well. An important thing to consider is the event you are hosting because you shouldn’t pick the same menu for a wedding, a birthday party, a housewarming party, and a corporate event.


Pick fresh, seasonal ingredients

There are many reasons why you should use fresh, seasonal ingredients. Firstly, they are healthier since they don’t require pesticides to grow. This is also the reason why they are full of flavour, juicy, and rich in nutrients, and why your guests will be able to taste them properly. The experienced chefs can experiment by mixing flavours and matching them to the season. They get to be creative, plus your guests will be surprised by the food, and the new, unexpected dishes they get to try.

Choose a cuisine

Along the lines of knowing your guests, one more step you can follow is treating them to any world cuisine you know they will love. If they don’t get many chances to try it on their own, they will love it even more. Choosing dishes that have ingredients that are not that common locally provides your guests with a chance to try something new and also to get to know a different culture, which will leave quite a big impression for sure. It is best to do this if your event is already themed, so you can match the food as well. Japanese, Italian, Arabian, Korean, take your pick because they all have something delicious to offer.


Pair the food with drinks

Mixing and matching food with drinks is something we unconsciously do every day, so why not do it for the event you are planning? Certain drinks go well with food because the tastes complement each other, and you can taste the food better and have a richer experience when you combine the two. Two of the most popular drinks are of course wine and beer, and you can pair them perfectly with different meat, pasta, burgers, or fish. However, certain liquors can also fit into the menu. Rye scotch goes great with sushi, or meat, and tequila with tacos, for example.

Serve a bomb dessert

A perfect end to the night that will make your guests talk about the menu even after it’s over is a good dessert. It is a sweet and refreshing treat everyone looks forward to. Some of the useful tips to follow are to find the balance and not overdo it. For example, if you have a chocolate cake, muffin, or anything that is quite rich, opt for ice cream or fruit decor because your guests can mix the two, and not feel bad. The way you choose to serve the dessert is also very important, so try to incorporate fresh fruit, mint leaves, or a mix of nuts. Explore the alternative options of serving them in jars, or cups.

With not a lot of work, you can create a unique menu your guests will love. Make sure to research some of these tips and go over them with your caterer, so that everyone can enjoy fresh, delicious meals.