Essential Tips for an Unforgettable Company Anniversary

Due to the fact that the majority of startups fail within their first year, a company’s first anniversary is a pretty big deal. From that point on, commemorating these anniversaries should be a pretty big deal, especially since it gives you a chance to push your business agenda in a subtler way. A company anniversary is a chance to preach of your strength to your investors and audience, a chance to boost employee loyalty and a chance to celebrate a personal accomplishment. Here are five essential tips to make it all count.

  • Make the list of people invited

The issue of planning the invites is particularly important, due to the fact that it helps you understand the event that you’re planning a lot better. First, by deciding on who is invited, you’ll set the tone of the evening. For instance, is it employees only or are they allowed to bring a plus one each? If your major investors and shareholders are invited, you might want to set the tone of the event to a bit more formal. The number of people invited will determine the size of the venue and the amount of food and drinks that you’ll need. It’s also essential when it comes to making and sending invitations.

  • Set the goal of the party

Even though celebrating such a milestone may seem like reason enough to throw a party, as a business, you need to have a goal for a corporate event in order to get the most out of it. Most commonly, your objective is to improve staff loyalty, show something impressive to your investors and improve your relationship with your most important clients. Knowing what the main goal is will help you schedule the event and plan out all the activities.

  • Set the date and start planning

The reason why setting a date takes such a high place on your list of priorities is due to the fact that the majority of your organization depends on it. For instance, before you can find a venue, hire a band or even look for suitable catering companies, you need to have the date of the event. This is the essential information that all of these agencies and venues will want to know. You also want to notify the people invited in time so that they can make some room in their busy schedule.

  • Make it about your team


When it comes to the company anniversary, you want to make the event all about your team. After all, it’s your team that makes the company what it is, not the equipment, the location or even the business model. Gathering a skilled team is incredibly important and unless you focus on increasing their loyalty, you might soon start losing them. While it may sound a bit cold or harsh, it’s fair to say that each productive employee is an asset (a valuable one at that). Why not make some custom trophies and distribute them to your most valuable employees during this event?

  • Share it with the public

The final piece of advice is to try and share this anniversary with the rest of the world as well. So, how do you do this with an event? Well, you can either upload videos and photos from the event on your website and social media profiles or you can livestream the event. Other than this, what you can also do is make a special line of products for the anniversary only. This way, you can add a lot of significance to the event itself in the eyes of your audience. Another tip you could adhere to is trying to emulate what some of the industry top dogs did in similar scenarios.


A company anniversary is an opportunity to do so many great things for your brand. Still, it’s up to you whether you’ll use this opportunity in the right way or just let it slide. With the above-listed five tips on your side, you should be set and ready to get the most out of it.