What Is Ethically Produced Food and How to Recognise It

How conscious are you about the food you eat? Do you even know the harsh reality behind certain products? Animals are abused, workers get exploited, the environment is devastated and there is so much bad energy that people are not even aware of. Food made like this is not even healthy enough, without getting to all the injustice and suffering going into products that we find on the shelves in the supermarkets we visit. What can we do about this? We can turn to food that is ethically produced. We just need to know how to recognize it. 

What products are failing ethical standards?

First, let’s talk about the products that you will want to avoid if you want to be ethical when it comes to your eating habits. The first place goes to Coca-Cola. This brand uses too much water, and what’s worse, it’s taken from local reserves. This means that farmers are left without enough water to irrigate their crops. Also, it drains the supply of drinking water. In 2004, the Coca-Cola Company used 283 billion litres of water for its operations. In a world where one billion people cannot meet their basic water needs, this paints a pretty dire picture. How do you feel about their beverages now? Do you still feel like buying it and being a part of this misery? You will also want to stay away from Nestle products. 

On the other hand, we can take a look at organic milk and compare it to regular milk. You can read that cows that give the latter are treated with antibiotics and they are underfed. When it comes to organic milk, it is not just better for people, it is also great for cows and the environment, just like it gives more benefits to farmers as well. These cows are treated with more love and respect, they spend more time outdoors, resulting in them feeling more free. 

What are the most ethical products?

They say that the most ethical food corporation in the world is Grupo Bimbo. It is located in Mexico and it’s a baking company. There is also the Italian coffee company known as Illycaffe Spa. Ingredion Incorporated is the next on the list, manufacturing starches, sweeteners, nutrition ingredients and biomaterials found in foods and pharmaceuticals. We can also mention the Kellogg Company, producing cereals and other packaged foods like Pringles, Cheez-Its and Keebler cookies.

These kinds of products are becoming quite trendy, and more and more people turn to this choice. People are starting to eat more responsibly, not just because they want to eat something that did not include any kind of suffering, but also because they find these foods more delicious for some reason. It’s the younger generations who prefer meals like this; people under 35 are usually the ones who prefer restaurants that serve organic, seasonal and ethically produced food. If you have heard anything about restaurants in Eastern Suburbs of Australia, you probably heard about their good practices and know how incredible their food is. They give customers exactly what they want, giving them meals that are tasty and won’t make them feel guilty for eating.

Paying more attention to what kind of ingredients we eat is quite important for our health in general, just like picking products that are ethically produced will be more beneficial to how we feel. You will feel less guilty if you choose food that is organic, the one where no one had to suffer for your pleasure. Luckily, restaurants serving delicious meals of this kind are becoming more widespread and more young people choose to spend their time eating there.