How to Plan a Wedding in a Short Time

While most couples spend months or even years planning their wedding, others decide to elope, and some simply manage to plan quickly and effectively and have everything ready in a short time period. If you’re too eager to say “I do” or simply see no thrill in paying another year of separate rent for no good reason – take note of the tips and tricks we shared below and plan your dream wedding in no time!

Skip engagement pomposity

Of course that engagement is a big deal, and it represents a symbol of the promise you give to each other, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be followed by an engagement party, gifts and the like. You’ll have plenty of time to celebrate your love and holy union. Unless you get engaged well in advance, you should skip the pomposity around it and get right to the wedding planning. The big “I do” day will come before you can blink and there will be enough time and room for everyone to celebrate both your engagement and your marriage, without the doubled effort, cost and stress.

Don’t be picky about the date

If you are looking to tie the knot on a special date, such as Valentine’s or New Year’s Eve, or really any specific day, you should face the music and accept that this is most probably mission impossible considering you’re planning a wedding only a couple of months in advance. Instead, pick a less popular date or a day in the middle of the week, so your chances for finding available vendors are better.

Make lists

Checklists will help you keep everything in order. From must-haves, through guest lists, to registries, there is a lot to think about when wedding planning. A guest list can spare you the long nights of trying to remember distant relatives or old friends from elementary school, so it’s important to start compiling it right away. On the other hand, if you wish to avoid repeating gifts, and save your family and friends from banging their heads against the wall trying to come up with the perfect gift, there’s another list you’ll have to make well ahead – set up a simple wedding registry and say goodbye to useless gifts.

Think outside the box

Since there is a high probability you won’t be able to book the city’s top vendors so close to your wedding, you have to be prepared to improvise and go with the flow. You can put together a totally gorgeous celebration without having professionals take care of every single detail, from invites, through flowers, to seating arrangements. Think outside the vendor box and get creative with your wedding planning – this can actually be a perfect bonding opportunity for you and your future spouse.

Purchase your wedding gown

You may have dreamed about the perfect wedding dress your whole life, but now when your time and budget are limited, you may be giving up the idea of making your dream come true. The good news is that you may be lucky enough to have your dream wedding attire waiting for you in one of the stores. The bad news is that, if it isn’t there already, you most probably won’t have the luxury of ordering. As well as for everything else, you need to be rational and practical when it comes to picking a wedding dress – purchase the first one you like in the mirror and feel comfortable in. It doesn’t really matter if it’s the dress you dreamed of when you were a little girl, as long as you’re marrying your Prince Charming.

The perfect wedding doesn’t have to be planned years in advance. With the right partner, loving family and friends, and a little assistance from the tips we shared above, you’ll definitely be able to plan a beautiful wedding ceremony and memorable party in less than 12 weeks.