How Your Style Affects Your Business Success

You are what you wear, so it’s essential that you always look sharp when dressing for work. According to, your appearance has a massive influence on other people’s perception of your financial intelligence, trustworthiness, authority, success, and suitability for hire or promotion. No matter if you’re applying for a new job or are in line for a promotion, your superiors will always pay attention to your appearance. Whether you’re always shaved, your hair clean and styled nicely, your dresses and suits ironed will be of great importance in the business world, so make sure you know how to dress smart in order to ensure your way to business success.

Know how much skin is too much

When it comes to wearing short skirts and revealing tops at the office, there’s a fine line between showing too much skin and dressing appropriately. Namely, shorts should be off limits, and skirts should be maximum 1 inch above the knee. While this is a universal rule, some companies may allow a bit shorter skirts, but nothing that would make you look unprofessional and like you are just about to go to the nightclub. When it comes to tops, don’t feel pressured to cover up, but make sure you’re not showing too much cleavage. One of the universal rules of the corporate world is that a woman’s shirt or dress should land two inches above the cleavage so that the cleavage line isn’t showing.

Keep your clothes wrinkle-free

Another important factor to pay attention to is ironing. Your clothes need to be wrinkle-free if you want to make a good impression on your bosses. Clothes that haven’t been ironed look unsightly and send a negative message, making you look frumpy. The last thing you want your superiors to think is that you care very little about the way you look. You are one of the company representatives, which means you want your future clients to think well of you and see you as trustworthy and serious.

Choose business-appropriate footwear

Even if your company allows business casual or casual-casual attire, you should still think of your workplace as the environment in which you need to look serious and professional. Sneakers and slippers won’t send that message, which means you should stick to shoes, boots and high heels. Make sure that the heels you choose for work are not higher than 5 inches, or you won’t feel too comfortable. Furthermore, a 4-inch heel is considered the most appropriate for both often walking and will make your clothes look well put together.

Tailor your clothes if needed

Aside from making sure your business attire is always wrinkle-free it should also fit you flawlessly. Unless your blazer and skirt fit you as if they were tailored specially for you, do not wear them. Too snug a dress or too loose pants won’t look flattering, but very unsightly. Therefore, if you’re having trouble finding the right size for you, feel free to buy a bit larger clothes and have them tailored afterwards. Alternatively, find a good tailor and have them make clothes according to your measurements.

Go easy on jewellery and accessories

Accessories are always cherry on top, which is why you should make hat cherry look good instead of too flashy. If you like jewellery, be careful about how much of it you’re putting on. A long chain necklace will look good with a few rings on your fingers, and a pair of small stud earrings, for example. But if you wanted stacked bangle bracelets, avoid too large a necklace. You want to keep the balance instead of looking like your jewellery box exploded all over you.

It’s imperative that you’re taken seriously at your job, so make sure you do not send the wrong message with the choice of your business attire. Follow the previously mentioned tips and you’ll be seen as a trustworthy, intelligent and serious person.