Time to Shine: Staple Pieces You Definitely Need This Summer

As summer is in full swing, chances are your summer wardrobe arsenal is good and ready. However, as we all know there is always room for another great dress and a yet another pair of fabulous shoes. No matter how carefully you’ve scouted and hunted for perfect summer attire, you’re still probably missing a staple piece or two, and we simply can’t let that happen. To that end, we have created a list of absolute must have pieces that should be gracing both your closet and your figure so you can shine with the best of them, so let’s jump right in. 

Girls of summer 

This garment is everything, and this is not an overstatement. Wide-leg pants are here to cater to every possible need.  First of all, they’re comfortable, breezy and allow for plenty of movement. Secondly, they bring a casual chic air to any and every outfit, and thirdly, they’re so versatile that you can totally pull them off at the office and look completely polished and professional, then step right out and be the flowing summer goddess at that after-work cocktail hour. They’re also an indispensable part of every vacation as they have that sophisticated Mediterranean vibe to them. They’re simply gorgeous and that’s that. As stripes are back and better than ever, if you choose a pair with horizontal stripes, they will also give the illusion of legs for days, and there’s nothing not to love about that. 

I like big blossoms and I cannot lie

Yes, many would argue that the floral print can hardly be called new, but if you’ve been paying careful attention, they sort of are. Instead of tiny feminine blooms, the ones spotted on this year’s runways are big, bold, kind of gloomy and powerful, and we love them. So, if you spot Réalisation par dress, don’t hesitate even for a second, you can decide between a maxi dress, a skater dress or a high-slit wrap dress. The best thing you can do is actually own all three just in case because they’re equally fantastic, but if not, go for the one that best accentuates your curves, and rock it from here till the final Sunday of the summer. 


Yeah, I like you

You may or may not recall the song, but you’re definitely familiar with the bohemian fashion style. It seemed for a minute there that it’s giving up under the attack of minimalism, but our love for bold prints managed to defend it for yet another season. One of the best ways to rock this trend is either going for an amazing kimono or jumpsuits, and we definitely choose the second (although you can do both). Not only is a jumpsuit the easiest thing you can pull out of your closet (second only to a dress), but it looks amazing on girls of all shapes and sizes. Thanks to amazing manufacturers dedicated to plus size fashion, every girl can find one that’s just right for her. 

Blue jeans, white shirt

You can walk into any room and make heads turn. One miss Lana Del Rey wasn’t lying – sometimes all you need to look effortlessly striking is an amazing pair of pale ripped jeans and a great white shirt (or a regular white tee). There’s something iconic about this look that has stood the test of time, and we suspect that it will stay iconic for decades to come. Although we know that the search for that perfect pair is like searching for the Holy Grail, it can be done, and the folks from Who What Wear have created an all-encompassing guide to finding that perfect cut, so hop to it. 

Meant for walking 

Of course, we haven’t forgotten the must-have shoe of the season. After some careful research, we have come to the conclusion that slingback pumps and flats are the absolute hottest shoe you can rock this season. The pumps are of course, here to ‘elevate’ the look, both figuratively and literally, while the flats were simply made for running around town, doing errands, travelling or catching a quick bite in style.