How Many Times A Week Should A Runner Do Strength Training?

Running requires many things to build flexibility, endurance and prevent injuries. As a runner, you have strength training and improve speed. Strength training involves weight lifting, together with endurance training. In this article, we will cover how many times a week should runner do strength training.

Train twice a week

For the maximum result, a runner should do strength training twice a week. Creating a good schedule of exercise is a great idea. It will help you manage time, time to do weight lifting, time for running training, and the two strength training.


All training is best when done on the same day. Don’t alternate strength training, weight lifting, and running on each on a different day. Doing this won’t give time to recover, and you will soon bun up, get injuries, and sometimes you can get sick.

Do all training on the same day.

Doing strength training, weight lifting, and running training on the same day will give you the time to recover and rest. This is very important to your body.

Training twice per day will allow you to have energy, morale, and motivation of doing both pieces of training because your body has also rested.For more,Get More Information here

Gradually increase exercise.

When training, start with light exercise and light weight lifting, at this point, your body has not adapted to heavy equipment or intense training. Gradually increase the size of weight lifting materials increase the intensity of your exercise.


After feeling like you have adapted to the exercise, you can add other training such as squat thrusts and deadlifts. If you follow the schedule well of which I expect you will be disciplined enough, by six weeks you should have started adapt so that you can add another type of training exercise.

By using correct and recommend equipment, everything will be well. You should observe discipline and stick to your schedule for the best results. Good luck!