5 Perfect Snacks To Pair With Your Wine

Snacks are among the cheapest way to stay indoors with your best friends or your partner. But did you know that you can actually pair some snacks with wine to make the experience better? You do not have to make complicated recipes for your friends in the evening to pair with the wine.

You can just buy or make some simple snacks at home and enjoy the company of your friends with some bottle of wine.

5 Perfect snacks to pair with your wine.

1.Popcorn and Chardonnay.


Customary, people like to use popcorns on movie nights. Today, you can pair your popcorns with the Chardonnay wine. The Chardonnay wine has a buttery taste which comes with a crisp finish. This makes the wine better paired with popcorns’ can apply this pair for movie nights, dinner for two or when you are hosting your friends over at your place. The fruity flavor of the chardonnay allows it to be paired even with various plates such as white chocolate.

2.French fries and sparkling wine.

Yes, French fries can work it well with the sparkling wine. The best thing is that you can actually easily prepare these French fries at home since they only require very few ingredients.

If you are not a lover of French fries, you can simply make tater tots or potato chips; they will give the same fantastic taste.

3.Pizza and prosecco zonin wine.

Pizzas are a special type of snack. This is because it goes well with almost all Italian wines. This is because of the acidity of the wines. So, with a pizza, you will have a sweet but acidic taste. You can, therefore, order pizza from your favorite joint and enjoy it with your chosen red wine such as the prosecco zonin.

4.Glazed Pastries and Moscato.

Red Wine

The Moscato wine is known to be very tasty compared to most wines. It also has a low alcohol content. From anything to do with glazed donuts to cronuts cannot go wrong with the Moscato. The sweetness and aroma produced by the Moscato will go well with your chosen glazed pastry. Orange sorbet and peach shortcake are an excellent example of other pairings for the Moscato.

5.Dark chocolate and cabernet sauvignon.

Dark chocolate is not a new pair for wines since it is used explicitly in wine tastings. Cabernet Sauvignon is particularly the wine to pair with the dark chocolate.

The dark chocolate has a rich flavor while the cabernet sauvignon wine has plums, earthy aromas, cherries, and red berries, making this the best taste for a dinner with your partner or best friend.

The above pairings have been tried and proven to work the magic for many. So, search no more, try the above pairings.