The Best Travel Workouts You Can Do With No Equipment

When we are traveling, keeping our body fit is the last thing we can ever think of, this is mainly because of the busy schedule that prevents us from having workouts. When it comes to achieving the fitness goals, you need to be consistent in doing your workout.

You don’t have to take some days off. When you skip your training, it is going to derail the process of achieving your fitness goals.

When traveling, you will have a minimum space to do your workout. This article gives additional info on the best travel workouts you can do with no equipment

1. Invisible jump rope


One way to exercising when on a trip is to jump over an imaginable rope. You can hope about two off from the ground in place. This should be followed by springing off the balls of the feet. While keeping your elbows very close to your ribs twirl your wrist. Make sure to keep your knees soft and core tight.

2. Mountain climber

Draw the knee towards the opposite elbow and alternate. Draw your right knee towards the chest; the left side should follow this.

3. Plank jacks

While in the above plank position, hold the plank and hop your feet out wide. Go back to your stating position at a faster pace.

4. Skater

This workout is done by standing with hip well apart while bending slightly. Jump to the left and land to the ball on the left sweeping behind with your right leg.


Try as much as possible not to use your right foot to land. This should be followed by literally jumping to the right, landing on the right foot as the left led sweeps behind. Continue alternating this process until you get exhausted.


This is another great way to do your workout without any equipment. It is done by placing a band below your feet and holding the ends in each hand. Stand up and extend your arms overhead and bring back your arms to shoulder height.