The Basics of Running an Environmentally Friendly Restaurant

There are several reasons why each existing or prospective restaurant should consider making its establishment as green as possible. To begin with, there is the great benefit to the environment, but you can also reduce your costs significantly. Next, you can count on people being ready to spend more if they know that the restaurant is environmentally friendly. Finally, you’ll instill the “feel-good” factor in everyone working at the restaurant and they’ll be likely to use the same practice at home, too. So, let’s take a look at how a restaurant can become greener.

Waste reduction

Restaurants are famous for creating a lot of waste, so anything that can reduce that amount is a great bonus. Instead of throwing away all the unused food, think about establishing a system where all food that is still usable gets donated to those in need. Contact a local charity to see how to organize this process. Not only will you reduce waste, but you’ll also help people who are struggling to get regular meals. Finally, such steps are bound to attract a lot of positive reaction from the press and general public, which means your restaurant will get very good word-of-mouth recommendations.

Green cleaning

A lot of attention has been paid to making cleaning products greener without compromising their efficiency. As we know, they used to contain many chemicals that were bad for the environment and people are now looking into better alternatives. Luckily, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to eco-friendly cleaning products that you can use in your restaurant. If they are not sold locally, you can always order them online. Remember that with so much food around, you don’t want any substances that are potentially harmful to make a complete mess in your restaurant.

Top-quality appliances

Another aspect that can really help you make your restaurant more eco-friendly is the choice of appliances. No good restaurant can function without a big number of those and you always need to have a few spare ones, just in case. The biggest advantage that new appliances have is that they are much more energy efficient than old ones, which means you’ll be able to consume much less energy and therefore pay lower bills. Find a reliable company offering a great commercial microwave for sale and see how much you’d be able to save.

Recycling is the key

Just like you’re supposed to reduce your food waste, you should apply the same approach and attitude when it comes to everything else in your restaurant that sooner or later ends up in a landfill. You really need to set up a recycling program by buying recycling bins for different materials and teach the staff how to use them. Your customers can also be encouraged to take part in the program. Finally, make sure that when purchasing equipment for your restaurant, you choose those products that are made of recycled material whenever possible.

Furnishing and design

Eco-friendliness should also be considered when it comes to the design and furnishing of your restaurant. Your heating and cooling bills will be much lower if you have proper insulation, which in most cases means good-quality doors, windows and walls. Also, remember that if you have more windows, more direct sunlight will be able to get inside the place, which means you wouldn’t have to heat the restaurant that much or keep all the lights switched on throughout the day. Also, make use of more natural materials, which can be reused, when building or renovating your restaurant. Last but not least, paper napkins and tablecloths can be recycled easily, though linen might seem a like a more sustainable option. Still, the amount of water needed to keep it clean, recycling is definitely more economical and eco-friendly.

Running a restaurant is very difficult from every point of view. You need to think about many aspects of the business, such as competition, pricing, quality products and service if you want to succeed. Now, on top of that, there are lot of regulations regarding pollution you also need to obey, but that can actually turn out to be your advantage. If you set up your operations in such a way that you minimise waste, lower your costs, you’ll have much better chances of creating profit and you’ll be doing the planet a favour along the way. This is a chance for a win-win situation that you mustn’t miss.