5 Tips for Getting Backgrounds Right

Let’s face it, backgrounds are one of the most important factors in the photographic world but usually forgotten. Sadly, even some of the most experienced photographers focus on other aspects of the image such as the focal point and main subject and ignore what’s happening in the background. It’s worth mentioning that background can either break or make an image.

In other words, the background can make your image look wonderful and the same background can overwhelm your photo thereby ruining its composition. If you are looking forward to taking your photographic experience to a higher level, here are some tips to get the background right.

1. Choose plain backgrounds

First things first, if you want to get background right, aim to capture your photos on plain backgrounds to avoid clutter or strong patterns behind your subject. It goes without saying that any subject against a plain background looks wonderful and makes a strong image.


On the other hand, a visually imposing background tends to distract attention from your image. With that in mind, a bridal portrait works excellently on plain backgrounds and if not sure how to capture the image, you can try from a low angle for the blue sky to be your background, or above your subject and make green grass the background.

2. Move your subject

There are many solutions to getting backgrounds right and if you realize that the background you choose isn’t working, you can opt to move the subject.

This entails asking the person being photographed to move to the right or left to put the distraction out of frame or behind them. By the end of the day, you will take great photos without background distraction.

3. Change your shooting angle

At times, things don’t work our way and we may find out that there are some distracting elements in the background but you can’t move the subject.


This shouldn’t make you worry as there is yet another strategy to get the background right; take the photo from another angle. You can move around your subject, get up high to make the ground your background, or get down low to make the ever blazing sky your background.

4. Blur the background

Many photographs are unpleasing because the background looks more appealing than the real subject. However, you can make people admire your subject regardless of how thrilling your background is. Wondering how?

Well, you can use a wide aperture that will blur the background and at the same time draw your subject into focus. This technique ensures that people can’t tell what’s going on there turning all their focus on the subject. As a rule of thumb, place the subject a distance away from the wall, fence or anything behind it.

5. Look for contrasting colors

Every person deserves to have a beautiful photo taken professionally and if you want your images to always stand out, consider a contrasting background which plays a vital role in drawing the focus onto the subject. Therefore, stay away from colors that conflict and clash, as well as tones that fail to complement the subject.

Group Selfie

At times, many people tend to ask the need for contrasting colors and because you’re reading this article, we will tell you. Contrasting colors usually separate the subject from the background which in turn draw your subjects into focus and add visual interest to the image.

Final thought

Taking good pictures is not only about how well you hit the shutter release, but how great you can differentiate between great and poor background. If you are a photographer and you’d like people to always appreciate your work, learn how to get the best background and if you don’t know how, this article will get you started.