10 Basics Of Italian Food Culture You Need To Know

Nobody will contend with the reality that meals in Italy are out of this world. Well-made, rich in flavour and also guaranteed to make you hungry for more, there is nothing Italian cuisine. There is a comprehensive, intriguing tapestry of history, habits and tendencies to what you are eating when you are in Italy. So, with this in mind, let us investigate some of the key aspects.

1. The Stomach for Superstition

When you are eating your meals, it is still worth being somehow careful. For there are a few superstitions which are typical throughout Italy. For instance, not only can it be regarded as bad luck to melt olive oil, additionally, it is bad luck to melt salt.


That is a frequent superstition that’s supposed to derive in the times when older civilizations would salt on the ground of conquered territories to make the land sterile as punishment.

2. Light Breakfasts

By and large, breakfast Italy is a modest affair in contrast. The standard Italian breakfast operates across the lines of a coffee (for instance, caffe latte or cappuccino though the latter is no after 10 am), bread rolls, biscuits and pastries.

3. Keeping It Fresh

If it comes to getting meals in Italy, it is a frequent tendency to select local markets and shops instead of larger-scale supermarkets. The large benefit of this sector is the fact that it provides home-grown and fresh produce that is both delicious and healthy in equal steps.

4. Vegetables for All Seasons

Talking of new vegetables, there’s a really definite pattern concerning what it is possible to eat during the year. It is a seasonal item, using specific vegetables being generated in successful amounts for a particular charm and making way for another choice.

5. Hungry Holidays

Among the wonderful things about Italian foods is its own distinctive sense of the holiday seasons. Christmas and Easter simply deliver a collection of specially created meals, both sweet and sour which can tempt the taste-buds.

6. The Good of Gelato

Before you know it, summer is here, and it is going to be the time of year when it is possible to enjoy the joys of Gelato and Ice Cream.

7. Simple Suppers

Nice dining. A frequent trend in the current culinary world. However, while the elaborate structures, carefully chosen ingredients and instead eye-popping prices might be for many tastes, so let’s not overlook that easy truth is sometimes the very best.


It is like in the close of the month once the money’s run outside and you are searching to create everything you can from what is left from the larder. However, if you are looking for amazing Italian food, serafina restaurant is the best place you can enjoy the chic atmosphere and warm hospitality.

8. Margarita Time

Way back into the 18th century, the pizza originated in a marginally more fundamental kind than is understood now. Simply speaking, it had been only the foundation:

Without a topping, only the flat rounded base. Nevertheless, it was a hit with all the weaker side of Naples where street sellers could sell them at a really inexpensive cost.

9. Sauce for Good

Sitting down to eat a conventional pasta dish 2018, it is standard practice to use the timeless mixture of fork and knife or needless to say, fork and spoon.


But once upon a time, you can only eat the pasta with your palms. The pasta itself is not too tough to negotiate with no food, providing you have a napkin waiting and ready.

10. Filling Festivals

To get a little bit of additional knowledge and insight on your favourite meals, it is well worth checking out some fantastic food festivals. Throughout the calendar year, there is an infinite number of festivals which are committed to certain ingredients and foods. For starters, a frequent element of standard festivals and events is that of food stalls as sailors serve up yummy homemade snacks and foods to fill the bellies of tourists and locals that have come to view the show.