New York Restaurants You Must Visit

New York City is well known for its ability to bring tourist in droves for its world-class monuments, theater, and museum. However, have you ever taken a keen interest at the food scene in this city? Well, from refined seafood to fast-casual fried chicken prepared by classically trained chefs, the city has a wealth of quirky and tantalizing restaurants foods that will give you the taste you deserve. In this guide, we take a look at the top restaurants you should visit while in New York.

1. Balthazar

For the last two decades, this brasseries has defined how the French dining in New York. It remains one of the best places you will get the feeling like being in Paris while still in the real sense you are in the US.


The restaurant is known for its classic steak fries and massive seafood. Once you have got your meal, you can pass by the bakery next door for a freshly made baguette. Besides, the restaurants’ iconic bread is sold in almost any top restaurant throughout the city.

2. Avenue Cafe

The avenue restaurant Astoria is one of the most trendy and popular locales in NY. Apart from the social atmosphere and the exciting vibe of the avenue, its cuisine brings forth the flare of casual comfort food.

Their menu is delightfully light with wide assortments of omelet, freshly prepared salads, and crepes. Whether you are looking to relax or have a taste of the Astoria’s nightlife, the cafe is the place to be.

3. Gramercy Tavern

Arguably, Danny Meyer is one of the most successful restaurateurs in the NY. With top-tier restaurants spread across the city, Gramercy Tavern is one of the most jewels of his empire. Once at the restaurant, you can choose to take the a la carte in front of the tavern room or just experience the tasty menu in the dining room.


Whichever the place you want to sit at, the refined farm-to-table food guaranteed to make it a special occasion. Besides, once you are here, you will be treated like royalty.

4. Upland

Upland is one of the wine-focused sceneries in New York. Besides, it has a wraparound booth with the tasty Californian cuisine, which is prepared by a chef who knows his way around pasta and meat. While working at the I1 Buco, Chef Justin Smillie made a name in the short ribs arena.

Thus, if you are searching for anything beefy, then Upland is the place. Among the most foods, you can enjoy while at this place include: Crispy duck wings, fried hen and mushroom prepared with tasty fresh herbs and soft cheese.

5. Wildair

Fabian von Hauske and Jeremiah Stone are the chef-restaurateurs behind the contra block. They serve inventive small plates that do not fit in any of the culinary classifications. Nonetheless, while at this place, you can enjoy a Southern-style white shrimp, bright scallop ceviche, crispy squid with green onions and spicy chopped tuna on toast.

Additionally, in this Lower East side restaurant, you can enjoy a wide selection of drinks including a natural wine. The restaurants’ minimalist tight squeeze and decor provide the super convivial vide.

6. L & B Spumoni Gardens

The restaurant is mostly known for two things: The Spumoni and its Sicilia pizza. The Sicilian pie, which is hard to find in the NY has a thick sparkling crust with toppings put on reverse. Their spumoni is made up of an Italian dessert which is something between Italian ice and the ice cream.


It comes in three flavors, pistachio, vanilla, and chocolate mixed together. While the Italian restaurant opens year-round, it is most popular during summer time. You can take advantage of its ample outdoor seating.

7. Charlie Bird

Before popping over for a Film Forum, this is a perfect place for you to be. You can always grab a glass of bubbly, oyster, and a bowl of pasta. Besides, they serve seafood, chicken liver mousse, and the famous farro salad. Besides, their Wellfleet Oyster with apple or tomato vinaigrettes is super fresh and high-end.