Best Brunch Recipes


Imagine you missed breakfast, it’s not yet lunchtime but you are so famished that you cannot wait that long. Well, brunch is the meal for you. It is conveniently placed between lunch and breakfast and offers a combination of the same breakfast and lunch meals. Here are some of the best brunch recipes to get you through the day

French toast

French toast is a common brunch meal that comes in various recipes which combine different ingredients.

Hazelnut french toast

You can have chocolate hazelnut French toast which is easily prepared using low heat. It combines hazelnut and coconut milk on the toasted egg bread. It takes less than 5 minutes. You can sprinkle some strawberries on top.

Brioche french toast

Brioche-french-toastYou can go for the brioche French toast which also a favorite for brunch. The brioche bread is dipped and baked in a mixture of eggs, milk, sugar, vanilla extracts, ground nutmeg, and salt. Maple syrup is, thereafter, drizzled on top of the slices. It very tasty and you can add browned butter for a caramel sensation. It takes about 20 minutes to prepare.



Sandwiches have been a tradition for decades. The reason they make for a great brunch is the fact that you can put what you want in between the bread slices to give that boost.

Bacon and eggs sandwich

As the name suggests, it has bacon and eggs packed between the slices. The egg is fried and bacon is placed on the egg as it cooks followed by a thin layer of sliced tomatoes. When done, the egg and bacon are put on a slice of bread and covered using another slice.

Grilled chicken sandwich

For this sandwich, chicken is first seasoned then grilled after which it is sliced and placed a slice of bread. The bread can be toasted or not depending on what you prefer. Add some lettuce, tomatoes, and mayo if like that. It is a delicious food.

Eggs Benedict

Eggs-BenedictMoving on from the sandwich, we have the Eggs Benedict. It is prepared using warm crispy bacon, toasted English muffins dipped in butter and poached eggs. To finish it off, Hollandaise sauce is blended and added on top of the muffin. They are quite difficult to make at home but a great option for those eating out.

Duck confit hash

The Duck Confit Hash is a tasty brunch meal prepared using seasoned duck meat cooked slowly in its own juices. The result is a tender yet very tasty duck. It is mixed with various ingredients like pepper, spinach and some potatoes. Every food bite carries a blend of flavors.


WafflesWaffles are also good for brunch. One advantage they have is they are easy to prepare. All you need is milk, flour, baking powder, eggs, coconut oil, salt, and oats. You can add anything else you want like poppy seeds. After you have mixed them, place some oil on the preheated waffle iron then place the mixture.



The frittata is another tasty and nutritious brunch meal. It can be prepared using different ingredients and slight variations depending on the cook or chef. As a result, there are various renditions like the Frittata Lorraine. The Frittata Lorraine is a combination of sautéed shallots, Gruyere cheese, eggs, Canadian bacon, and thyme leaves. With this food, you can say bye to your hunger for the rest of the day.